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Leased products | Alfamodul


Leased products


The Alfamodul products are manufactured by state-of-the-art European production facilities. Our manufacturing contractors apply sound quality control systems, CAD design and 3D modelling.

Our leased products almost comply with the requirements set to permanent structures. Modules are certified* in all European countries. In educational premises we observe the statutory norms and design standards governing ventilation, lighting, water supply and exit routes.

* incl. Eurocode CLPR /ISO 9001 

Energy Guarantee

Every object is granted an energy efficiency certificate. This way the customer can be sure from the very outset that energy consumption stays within the approved limits.  If the customer concludes a maintenance agreement with us, we can offer an energy consumption guarantee (and will pay any excess energy costs ourselves).

Modular structures can be connected to a district heating network.

We provide: 

•        planning and designs, building permit plans
•        modules matching the ground plan
•        equipment and furnishings
•        transport and installation
•        standard lighting of modules, matching the requirements set to use
•        ventilation complying with set requirements (e.g. educational premises)
•        ventilation anf heating system as per the contract
•        power and ITC cabling
•        centralised control and maintenance of the entire building


Two product groups 


are suitable as standard level temporary premises. The modules can be stacked to form three storey, and even five storey structures, provided that special reinforcement is used. The premises feature either stationary or movable walls, as requested. The modular solution can be removed and re-installed a number of times.




7,5 m2  


2-3 m –  


3-9 m –  
Maximum interior height 3000 mm         



Our range of premises offered to the public sector includes modules intended educational and day care, and other similar purposes. Special-purpose modules are even suited for the most challenging use, e.g. hospitals or clean rooms, or even representative offices.

Dimensions offered are the same as those of the standard premises (Group A), however the maximum interior height is 3500 mm.

  • Flooring material – e.g. ceramic tiles
  • Demanding interior design solutions
  • Lowered roofs
  • Various bay windows and terraces
  • Tailored layout solutions
  • U values matching those of permanent structures